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Asian American and Pacific Islander Voters
Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are the nation's fastest-growing racial group. But despite their soaring numbers, they still face barriers to reaching the voting booth. ...
Top 6 Facts on the Latino Vote
Latinos are a growing segment of the electorate and tremendous potential exists for them to gain much more political power in 2016 and beyond. ...
People of Color: Their Contributions, Their Potential
As demographics shift and the share of people of color in the U.S. population continues to increase, it is important to take notice of the contributions that people of color make to the United States and their potential contributions ...
In Trendsetting California, Grassroots Organizing Brings Progressive Change
Community organizers in California have secured important victories against austerity. Could this trend foretell a national movement? ...
Progressive Groups Must Reflect the Ideals They Champion
Progressive organizations need diverse leaders and staffs from the communities that they support if they are to accomplish their ambitious goals. A more just management structure can help us get there. ...
The Demographic Evolution of the American Electorate, 1980-2060
This interactive shows the growing diversity of every state in the nation from 1980 to 2060. ...
States of Change
The demographics of the United States are projected to become much more diverse in the coming decades and will have significant effects on the nation's voting electorate in all 50 states. ...
15 Faith Leaders to Watch in 2015
Religious leaders and faith-based activists are poised to make significant progress on a range of social justice issues this year. ...

The Nation.
NYPD on Trial: NBA Player Thabo Sefolosha Fights Back After Police Beating
Dave Zirin
The police broke Thabo Sefolosha's leg. His testimony, and the testimony of witnesses, could mean that they will not get away with it.
Four Mothers School Bill O'Reilly on Child Hunger
Alyssa Peterson
The conservative pundit thinks the "myth that there are kids who don't have anything to eat is a total lie."
Kevin McCarthy's Exit Proves What We Already Know--the GOP Is Completely Dysfunctional
John Nichols
The Republican Party has become not only antigovernment but anti-governing.
At Catholic Hospitals, a 'Right to Life' but Not a Right to Death
Katherine Stewart
Five states permit doctors to help terminally ill patients end their lives, but Catholic hospitals still refuse to let their patients "die with dignity."
Are Disaster Movies Predicting Our Future?
Michael T. Klare
The latest IPCC report suggests that sudden climate catastrophes with irreversible consequences may not be as improbable as we once thought.
Jeb Bush Is Completely Wrong About the Voting Rights Act
Ari Berman
Bush says the VRA is no longer necessary, but his home state of Florida has been a hotbed of voter suppression since 2000.
'The Nation' LIVE! in Seattle on October 15
The Nation
Naomi Klein reads Wendell Berry, Dave Zirin reads Muhammad Ali, Richard Kim reads Tony Kushner, and much, much more.
Did Predatory Lenders Pay These 12 Lawmakers to Hobble the CFBP?
Joshua Holland
An ethics complaint filed this week alleges that industry lobbyists and donors crossed the fuzzy line between routine fundraising and a quid pro quo arrangement.
Dispatches From the Front Lines of the Climate Justice Movement
Wen Stephenson
The new American radicals know that it's time to fight like there's nothing left to lose but our humanity.
Hillary on 'Saturday Night Live'
Calvin Trillin

Campaign for America's Future

The Democratic Strategist
Speak For Yourself, Mr. Vice President
Perhaps it was overshadowed by the growing chaos in the House Republican Conference, but this has been a week also marred by back-and-forth media wars between journalists claiming inside knowledge that Vice President Joe Biden did or didn't personally ...
Gallup's Withdrawal from Horse Race Polling: Good or Bad?
Gallup has had it's share of critics among Democratic Party supporters in recent years, including contributors to TDS, who felt that bias was built into its methodology. For better or worse, however, Gallup, likely enjoys the highest name recognition ...
The Radicalization of the Right on Guns
There's been a lot of discussion about the reaction of Democrats--particularly the president and Hillary Clinton--to the Oregon massacre. But there's been less analysis o the radicalization of Republican views that has made both of them all but ...
DCorps: Public Now Rejects Trickle-Down Economics, Seeks Inclusive Growth
From a Democracy Corps E-Blast:

In May the Roosevelt Institute released its Rewriting the Rules economic agenda crafted by Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz. Since the report's well publicized release, the Roosevelt Institute has partnered with ...
Progressives and Business: Exploring Common Ground Beyond Knee-Jerk Antagonism
Democratic strategist Mike Lux, in his role as president of American Family Voices, has a HuffPo post reporting on his organization's recent summit of "forward-thinking business leaders and top leaders of the progressive movement in America."

Lux begins ...
How Weak Economic Growth Serves the Wealthy...and the GOP
Jeff Spross's "You know who likes lackluster economic growth? The rich" at The Week explains why "many economic elites actually have a vested interest in anemic job growth and a slack labor market." This is the kind of ...
Why Dems Need a More Positive, Generous Message
In "Watching Republicans Flail is Not a Strategy," Ruth Conniff, editor of The Progressive, reminds Democrats not to get distracted by the GOP presidential candidates' demolition derby. To thrive in 2016 Dems are going to need stronger messaging ...
Dionne: GOP Should Be Held Accountable for 'Dangerous and Harebrained Absolutism' About Guns
Washington Post columnist E. J. Dionne, Jr. calls out Republicans for their shameless pandering to the gun industry and commends President Obama for "politicizing" the latest mass shootings:

President Obama spoke some of the most important words of his ...

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