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In Trendsetting California, Grassroots Organizing Brings Progressive Change
Community organizers in California have secured important victories against austerity. Could this trend foretell a national movement? ...
Progressive Groups Must Reflect the Ideals They Champion
Progressive organizations need diverse leaders and staffs from the communities that they support if they are to accomplish their ambitious goals. A more just management structure can help us get there. ...
Interactive: The Demographic Evolution of the American Electorate, 1980-2060
This interactive shows the growing diversity of every state in the nation from 1980 to 2060. ...
States of Change
The demographics of the United States are projected to become much more diverse in the coming decades and will have significant effects on the nation's voting electorate in all 50 states. ...
15 Faith Leaders to Watch in 2015
Religious leaders and faith-based activists are poised to make significant progress on a range of social justice issues this year. ...
The Political Consequences of the Great Recession
Deep voter pessimism and a lack of an economic agenda from Democrats, not just structural obstacles, drove GOP gains in 2014. ...
Engaging Youth Voters Beyond Marriage Equality
Findings from a poll of young pro-marriage-equality voters illuminate ways that future progressive campaigns can be responsive to youth voices. ...
Making Progress: 10 Years of Ideas, Action, and Change
Today, as the Center for American Progress celebrates its 10th anniversary, we look at the impact CAP has had on the country. ...

The Nation.
Mayor Bill de Blasio Declares July 6, 2015, 'Nation Day'
the Editors
New York's mayor has excellent taste.
The Superpower Conundrum
Tom Engelhardt
The rise and fall of just about everything.
Why the Black Church Forgives Dylann Roof
Kelly Brown Douglas
And how President Obama's Charleston eulogy used the theology of black liberation to call the country to account for racism.
Trying to Forgive the Black Church
Jamilah Lemieux
Dylann Roof can't have my mercy, but I can try to make peace with black Christianity.
Why the New US-Russian Cold War May Be More Dangerous Than the Last
Stephen F. Cohen
As the Minsk accord seems to collapse, new military dangers loom.
The New Overtime Rules Are a Big Deal. Here's Why.
Michelle Chen
The overworked and underpaid American workforce has something to celebrate.
Black Women Vilified as a 'Lesbian Wolf Pack' Speak for Themselves in a New Film
Dani McClain
Out in the Night tells the story of the New Jersey Four, women who faced felony charges after defending themselves against an attacker.
Introducing the New TheNation.com
Richard Kim
One hundred fifty years ago, The Nation published its first issue. Today, we launch a new site for the next generation of readers.
The Roberts Court Tunes In to Democracy, for Once
David Cole
In the marriage-equality and Obamacare rulings, the justices respected the will of the people--and our Constitution.
If Abortion Were About Equality, Would Americans Like It Better?
Katha Pollitt
It is--and that's the problem.

Campaign for America's Future

The Democratic Strategist
Ferrera's Open Letter Clarifies GOP's Trump Problem
"America Ferrera: Thank You, Donald Trump!", Lauren Moraski's CBS News report on the actress's perceptive open letter on Trump's Mexican-bashing at HuffPo, should provide cause for concern among smarter GOP strategists. As Moraski quotes Ferrera:

"You've said some ...
Marcotte: 'Ralph Nader's Dishonest, Sexist Rant Against Hillary Clinton'
From Amanda Marcotte's "Ralph Nader's Dishonest, Sexist Rant Against Hillary Clinton" at Talking Points Memo:

Nineties nostalgia is cute when it's all about overalls and Nicki Minaj sampling "Baby Got Back," but Ralph Nader is taking it too far, ...
Parting Blows From SCOTUS
Aside from some of last week's less publicized but significant conservative victories on the Supreme Court in cases involving Clean Air regulations and the death penalty, its latest term ended with a couple of signs of trouble in orders ...
Political Strategy Notes
A succinct summary of the importance of President Obama's release of a new rule expanding eligibility for overtime pay -- and a good message point for Democrats -- from E. J. Dionne, Jr.'s syndicated column: "To much bellyaching ...
"Insulted" Liberals and Democratic Turnout
The recent intraparty tensions over trade and commercial policy haven't been a picnic for any Democrats. But it's possible to exaggerate the disunity and its implications, and that's what The Hill columnist Brent Budowsky did today, or so I ...
Tomasky: Progressives Should Get Real About High Court
Amid the fading euphoria after the Supreme Court rulings favoring Obamacare and same-sex marriage, here is a sobering reminder from Michael Tomasky's Daily Beast column, "Hey, Liberals: SCOTUS Ain't Your Friend":

It would be understandable if liberals were feeling ...
Political Strategy Notes
There are 59 vacancies on America's federal courts, "including 27 that have been classified as judicial emergencies because of the strain they are putting on caseloads," according to Working Assets. Yet "Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Charles Grassley, known for ...
Lakoff: Pope Francis Gets the Moral Framing Right: Global Warming Is Where the Practical and the Moral Meet
The following article by George Lakoff, author of "Don't Think of an Elephant," is cross-posted from HuffPo:

Beginning with my book Moral Politics in 1996 (Ch. 12), I have been arguing that environmental issues are moral issues. ...

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