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Center for American Progress
Engaging Youth Voters Beyond Marriage Equality
Findings from a poll of young pro-marriage-equality voters illuminate ways that future progressive campaigns can be responsive to youth voices. ...
Making Progress: 10 Years of Ideas, Action, and Change
Today, as the Center for American Progress celebrates its 10th anniversary, we look at the impact CAP has had on the country. ...
The Top 13 Women of Color to Watch in 2013
These 13 women of color are leaving their mark on everything from politics to entertainment to health. ...
Martin Unchained: Radical Reformer, Nonviolent Militant
This Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we should remember the true Dr. King and free him from a reconstructed history that never was. ...
Democracy, Democratic Governance, and Transparent Institutions in the American Interest
The Center for American Progress and the Center for Strategic and International Studies have collaborated to promote progressive and democratic governance around the world. ...
Comparing Conservative and Progressive Investment in America's Youth
Conservative groups' funding advantage has helped the right communicate with young Americans and develop leaders despite the fundamental issue-area differences between conservative movement fundamentals and the Millennial generation. ...
3 Lessons the 2012 Election Taught Us About the Progressive Coalition
Ruy Teixeira explains why the 2008 presidential outcome was not a fluke and how the progressive coalition has made an impact in 2012. ...
The Obama Coalition in the 2012 Election and Beyond
With President Obama's re-election, a progressive multiracial, multiethnic, and cross-class coalition has clearly emerged, albeit in an early and tenuous stage. ...

The Nation.
Voices of the People's Climate March
Agnes Radomski
Hear from some of the activists who made up the massive crowd at the largest environmental justice demonstration in history. 

American Education Is Leaving Our Youth With a Debt Sentence
Astra Taylor
How for-profit colleges are allowing Wall Street investors to cash in, at student's expense.

The People's Climate March Was Huge, but Will It Change Everything?
Mark Hertsgaard
Hundreds of thousands of people flooded the streets of New York and cities around the world on Sunday, but the fight for climate justice is only beginning.

Did You Miss the People's Climate March? Watch Highlights From the Historic Day
Democracy Now!
Watch Democracy Now!'s in-depth coverage from the historic march, featuring Bill McKibben, Amy Goodman and many more.

Why We Still Need Wilderness in the Era of Climate Change
Jason Mark
Thoreau was right: “in Wildness is the preservation of the World.”

The UK Lives, for Now
Andrew Ross
The bracing campaign for independence gave Scots a vision of a real political alternative.

How Quick US Leaders Are to Forget Our Mistakes in Eastern Europe
James Carden
Despite the pretentions of our governing and pundit classes, America has neither the right nor the resources to act as a kind of tutor to burgeoning democracies.

The Saudi Lobbying Complex Adds a New Member: GOP Super PAC Chair Norm Coleman
Lee Fang
As the Obama administration counts on Saudi Arabia as a key ally against ISIS, the kingdom flexes its muscles in Washington.

Can the Climate Crisis Finally Force Us to Change Our Broken System?
Rebecca Solnit
We've already lost a lot to climate change, and we'll lose more unless we take collective action.

Lessons Never Learned--From Vietnam to Iraq
Tom Hayden
Because our leaders didn’t listen, or listened too late, the end came in Vietnam as a total catastrophe. It’s not too late to avoid a repeat in Syria.


Campaign for America's Future

The Democratic Strategist
Political Strategy Notes
Georgia has highest unemployment rate of 50 states, Republican Governor suggests statistical conspiracy has suddenly erupted. Meanwhile Georgia's Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp is reportedly "sitting on" 51 thousand voter registration forms.

From Jackie Calmes's "
Why Beating Tom Cotton Matters
There are a lot of obnoxious Republican candidates running for high office this November. But none of them bug me as much as Tom Cotton of Arkansas. I explained why at Washington Monthly yesterday, after reading ...
Remaining Obstacles To a Republican Senate
With a majority of prognosticators (but not all of them) still predicting enough Republican gains to produce a change of control, it's a good a time as any to look at some of the factors that could turn ...
Political Strategy Notes
At NBC News Alastair Jamieson, Kiko Itasaka and Kelly Cobiella ask "Will Scotland's Independence Referendum Be Decided by Teen Voters?" Like Brazilians, Scots can now vote at age 16.

HuffPost Pollster reports that "A Quarter Of Gubernatorial Races ...
Political Reverberations of Scottish Independence May Shake U.S.
At The Nation John Nichols posts on "Scotland's Referendum on Austerity," with the theme of his argument well-encapsulated in the title. Nichols writes from Glasgow:

Thursday's Scottish referendum vote is often framed in terms of the politics of nationalism--and ...
Dems Take Messaging to America's Front Porches
From Samnatha Lachman's HuffPo post "Here's How Progressives Plan To Beat Back The GOP Tide":

"How do you encourage a discouraged electorate?" Karen Nussbaum, Working America's executive director, asked at a press briefing last week..."It's a matter of reaching ...
Dems Strike Gold in Cultural Issues
Jonathan Martin's "Democrats Put Cultural Issues in Their Quiver" at The New York Times pegs the political moment exceptionally-well. Martin focuses on the senate campaigns in bellwether Virginia, Colorado and North Carolina, with drive-by references to Louisiana, ...
Creamer: Make GOP Answer for Bush/Cheney Policy and the Origins of ISIL
The following article by Democratic strategist Robert Creamer, author of "Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win," is cross-posted from HuffPo:

It takes a lot of gall for people like Dick Cheney to utter even one critical word ...

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